Footsteps in Jerusalem!
“Footsteps in Jerusalem” is a tribute to David Perlov and to his 1963 revolutionary film “In Jerusalem”, made a few years before the ‘67 War.
The film, which won the bronze medal at the Venice Film Festival in 1963, was produced at a time when Jerusalem was divided between Jordan and Israel by “no-man’s land” and sniper fire.
“In Jerusalem” offered a change from the “Zionist” patriotic, propagandist and outdated cinema to a cinema that is personal-artistic. It paved the way for dozens of documentary filmmakers and for the success and recognition Israeli documentary cinema receives worldwide today.
”I’ve never seen such an Israeli film as “In Jerusalem” before, neither documentary nor fiction. I felt as if the Israeli cinema is being born before my eyes." Uri Klein (Haaretz)
In 2013, Renen Schorr, Founding-Director of the Sam Spiegel Film & TV School – Jerusalem, asked top graduates and students to create short films inspired by Perlov, from their own personal perspective, 50 years after “In Jerusalem”. Nine select films were curated with the original “In Jerusalem” to form a new, inter-generational film about a city that has dramatically changed – politically, demographically, economically and culturally.
In cooperation with: S.H Channel 8, The Beracha Foundation, The New Fund for Cinema and TV, The Jerusalem Municipality, The Jerusalem Development Authority, The Jerusalem Foundation

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