Jordan Karubian is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University. Northwest Ecuador, which has one of the
highest concentrations of both species diversity and human populations, is considered
a “conservation hotspot,” a focal point of the growing environmental crisis. It is there
that Prof. Karubian, in collaboration with a team of community members, students,
and professionals working in the environmental sphere, has developed a multifaceted
community-based program to enhance stewardship of the environment and the
welfare and conservation capacity of local residents. A scientist by training, he
is a careful and systematic observer of both the endangered fauna of the area and
the social networks and interrelated systems that characterize the region’s human
community. The knowledge generated from the research is actively used by reserve
managers, community members, and the Ministry of the Environment, and is
fundamental to local and regional outreach and educational programs.

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