2014 Accolades Competition Winner!
Watch "one" wild scene from the award-winning series!
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About The Series:
The Waiting Room is an award-winning, comedy-drama series based on a group of new medical assistants and a young doctor who work at a private sleeping clinic (Luna Clinic) in New York City. While having prestigious but crazy patients, the group tries to learn how to deal with their work and personal issues together, which leads to daily, unexpected scenarios.

Peter James, Alen Kolenovic, Manu White, Karuna Kaufman, & Eddie Liu

Created, Directed, Written, & Edited by:
Victor Obidimalor

Co-directed by:
Brittney Briggs

Produced by:
Victor Obidimalor, Manu White, Mya Gillis, & Our lovely Indiegogo supporters!

We do not own the song used in this video.

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