This is my 1st 3D assignment, It's a college work and also a collaboration work with another friend name Brandon Tan, the task for us is to make a Title Sequences base on the theme sword and sorcery.

The Story is about the Rise and Fall of Genesis, The first book of the Scripture.

In the beginning the world is perfect.
But darkness came into the world as sin overwhelm our hearts.
We were surrounded by darkness,
We our-self are covered by darkness,
We embraces darkness.
The light will find us,
It will pierce through the darkest night and find us.
It will strike the mighty darkness and crush it.
It will turn our darkness, into light.
Follow the light.
God is the light

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
Romans 12 : 21

Programs used:
3Ds max, Cinema 4D, Affter Effect.

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