on Fuuucking Young!
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Photographer: Alessandro Esposito
Dress: Nathan Dawidowicz
Styled: Clara Vayola
Video: Filippo Francesco Gualandi
Assistant Video: Gabriele Renna
Grooming: Dilys White
Photographer assistant: Elisa Curatolo
Models: Vitan & Bohdan @IndependentMen Milano

The '404' or 'Not Found' error message is a standard internet response code indicating that the server could not find what was requested. It's a familiar source of frustration and could be considered a metaphor of humankind's impotence (indi‑erence? passiveness?) in the face of today's tragedies. This key-concept is expressed in a shot from Iraqi artist Lida Abdul's ­lm 'In Transit' where a group of Afghan kids play with a wrecked Russian bomber plane - an eloquent juxtaposition of childhood innocence and the brutalities of war?

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