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On Friday, November 8, Danny Morrison visited the Staatliche Berufliche Oberschule für Wirtschaft, München. Invited by Dr. Streit on behalf of the English department the eminent Irish writer and former political activist gave an account of some of the politics he was involved in and read from his latest novel. There were all 13th classes Fos and Bos present and two 12th classes.

In this video Danny Morrison's explains the Northern Irish situation of the "Troubles," his own involvement in it, and his political role.

After publishing to wide acclaim several novels, including "The Wrong Man", Morrison turned to writing non-fiction, but – fortunately – has returned to the novel in his latest masterpiece, "Rudy." Published in 2013 in both the English original and Jörg Rademacher's German translation, this work is situated in (also Northern) Ireland and heavily influenced by Hermann Hesse's "Knulp"-narratives (hence the subtitle "In the Shadow of Knulp"), and by the German Nobel Prize winner's poetry.

Morrison's style of writing has been compared to Franz Kafka's and the Everyman figure Rudi has been interpreted as depicting the conditio humana, or universal human condition, but also as the outsider figure on the drift, typical of road movies.

Morrison stems from Belfast and was director of publicity for the Republican party Sinn Féin, which has been co-ruling Northern Ireland for more than a decade. Besides other political offices he was Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Morrison is also the chairman of the largest Irish arts festival, the "Féile an Phobail."

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