Dishtory is all about getting your hands dirty while getting to the source of the best food on the planet.

think Dirty Jobs meets No Reservations meets Man vs. Wild

Join Ulrich Sterling as he embarks on culinary adventures in search of secrets behind the plates we love. Whether by land, air, or sea, Ulrich does whatever it takes to uncover the roots of every dish.

Each week, Ulrich will strap into everything from waders, scuba gear and snow shoes in his quests to find the freshest, local ingredients. High speed culinary adventures will ensue as Ulrich naviagates remote landscapes by boat, ATV, snowmobile and helocopter. No place is too extreme for the Dishtory pursuit of what makes a culture and its recipes special.

Whether wrestling gators in the everglades, grappling catfish in the Mississppi, hunting Elk with the Eskimos or going after wild boar on Ossabaw Island, Ulrich’s culinary quest for unique flavors will lead him to every corner of America.

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