In Romans 1:14, the Apostle Paul says to the church at Rome, “I am UNDER OBLIGATION both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and the foolish…” From the perspective of the biblical writer, there was something that COMPELLED him to proclaim…to announce…to preach the gospel to people.
The question driving this series is…”what compelled Paul”…and from that a desire to ask and answer the question… “are we compelled?”

Over the next several weeks, Pastor Chris will lead us into a study regarding that which compels us to carry the Gospel to all people…across the street and around the world.

Today, Pastor Chris continues in the series by considering condition of the lost person. A person who lives separated from Christ suffers. They may not appear to suffer or know to what degree they suffer, but the fact is, “One does not know what one does not know.” One of the things that should compel the believer to action is the understanding of the condition of those separated from Christ.

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