redView's WYSIWYG Editor allows to edit EMF Models of SWT Views.

Don't write boilerplate of SWT Code - use redView's WYSIWYG Editor. This Screencast shows you some first steps how to use the redView Designer Editor.

UI Designer, Business Guys or Developers can change the generated Design using Drag-n-Drop or Outline + Properties View. All changes will survive new generation cycles.

redview ( - Dynamic Views (not only) for Business Applications:
redView (Riena EMF Dynamic Views) --> declarative UI Design combined with dynamic Rendering at Runtime.

redView can be used for RCP (Desktop) Enterprise Business Applications, as UI for Webservices or simply as Prototyping Tool.

redView can be integrated into MDSD using openArchitectureWare (Eclipse Modeling Projects: MWE, Xpand/Xtend, Xtext) to generate SWT Views from a Model (UML, Xtext, XSD, WSDL)

you can also generate RCP Applications with Riena Navigation and UI. More informations about Riena:

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