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Edited by David Wright
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Hey dan just wanted to say as a great person once said hi world... my question is this.what if there

...that’s really deep. Man, what if there? What. if. there. Then David sent this followup: Hey dan what if there was no such thing as war? Sorry to double send but my email sent by mistake long time fan Dave from canada.

No war? That would be awesome probably. I do have a few questions though. Did we get to this no war endgame by means of war. Like, did we blow everything up and kill everything and that’s why there’s no war? Because that’s very far from awesome. Well, actually, technically, that is “awesome” which leads me to a problem that I have with the phrase…

And brief aside from our brief aside: that was the first time a vlogbrother ever uttered the phrase “Don’t forget to be awesome.” Now you know. To be awesome is to inspire awe, and awe is, according to “A mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread, and wonder inspired by authority, genius, great beauty, sublimity, or might” I get what they’re after: the whole “wonder,” “genius” and “great beauty” things, but did you grasp the bits about dread? Authority? Might? I mean, Hitler did not forget to inspire awe. All I’m saying is that, as far as catch-all phrases go, this one catches a little too much. Not everything that’s awesome is awesome in a good way. Nuclear holocaust would be very awesome in a very bad way. But aside from that, most “no-war” hypotheticals I’m all about. Let’s make it happen. Go team.

Hey Dan! You mentioned that in order to "RAISE OURSELVES" (effect change in the distribution of wealth) that min. wage should be raised and progressive tax policies implemented. Would you elaborate? Muchos gracias! -Saria

You know, had minimum wage kept pace with inflation since the 1960s… yo Lizzy Dubya! What it be!?

Those good old days that conservatives like to harken back to with a chicken in every pot, and a heteronormative family unit in every garage...or something? Yeah, that was largely supported by the fact that the poorest among us made THREE TIMES as much as they do now. I need to refill my water, but we’ll keep this train of thought going after Tyson teaches you guys how to cook.

Thanks Tyson! Alright, minimum wage should be raised to, ideally, fifteen-ish dollars an hour. That’s provides every full-time American worker a path to a middle class existence. Now, we don’t want to do it all at once--that might shock the system--so here’s my politically savvy, alliterative proposal: we raise the minimum wage one quarter per quarter, eh? That is to say we raise the minimum wage by twenty-five cents every three months until it hits fifteen bucks an hour. That gives employers a more than seven year transition period. As for progressive tax policies-- I just want to see Mitt Romney pay a little more than 14%.

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