Introducing the second part of the Heatwave Series from SoFlo is Kenrick Chiocca.

Without a doubt the youngest blader in the SoFlo Crew coming in at 17 years old, he still gets dropped off to go blade with the crew by his mom! However that isn't any reason to doubt what technical tricks he has in his bag that he'll pull out at any spot. He's certainly got some more years ahead of him to blade and if you see how much fun he's having there's no stopping him anytime soon.

Edited by: George Holmquist
Main Camera: George Holmquist
Second Camera: Justin Finley
Contributing Filmers: Danny Mejia, Safe Journey, Jon Fromm, Robbie Squire, Matt Genna, and Buck Strauss

Music: Dollar Bill Hill by Hassaan Mackey

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