We designers aren't the only ones needing to adapt to a changing web ecosystem. Our clients and bosses also need to change their expectations around what a "site design" entails today and what deliverables will be provided during the design and development process. Every member of our panel has experience selling responsive design to clients and adjusting deliverables and payment schedules in an appropriate way. They'll share their experiences and welcome questions from you and your fellow attendees.

Jen Simmons is a designer who builds stuff, too. She’s best-known as the host of The Web Ahead, a weekly podcast about changing technologies and the future of the web. Creating websites since 1996, Jen works as an independent consultant and trainer helping teams transition to a responsive design process, implement sites with HTML5, or architect Drupal websites to last. She also provides a mix of design and front-end development services. Her clients have included CERN, the Annenberg Foundation, Mt. Holyoke College, MIT Press, Zinch, and The New York Stock Exchange. She lives in New York City.

As Director of User Experience for Sparkbox, Drew is a steadfast voice for creating usable and useful work. With background in design, content strategy, and project management, Drew capitalizes on a love for people and content to drive projects toward clear communication. He has made a living on empathy, charm, and an uncanny ability for telling bad jokes.

Kristin Ellington brought her experience as a designer and producer to Funny Garbage when she joined the company in 1997. Her leadership and vision has transformed a small design studio into a full-service production and content development business with a global clientele. Kristin directs the operations of Funny Garbage, including its strategic planning, brand strategy, business development, human resources, and client relationships.

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