Bent, Not Broken is a short documentary about the life of Emily Siddaway & her ‘Twisted Spine’ fitted on titanium rods. Our story takes the viewers into Emily’s world as she discovers that self-belief and a zest for life are the key home remedies for a ‘twisted’ vertebrae.



As a media student, it’s been my dream to give a positive light to Scoliosis. This year, I happened to chance upon a lovely, zesty young lady, Emily who agreed to share her story with me on film. With the guidance and mentor from the Media Teaching Centre at Brunel University and other amazing individuals who chipped in to help me, I was able to achieve that vision.

I believe that life is like a game, and individuals with Scoliosis are just players playing on Hard mode with terribly designed consoles (perhaps, on low FPS & lag too). Staying true to life with positivity & vision is difficult especially when the traps of society are so pervasive. Those that do are incredible people with a unique vision of the world and have a great deal to show the rest of us.

Only the brave and bold are able to adapt and carry on with their quests in life - to find happiness & self-contentment.

My film explores this in action by sharing the success story of Emily. The main conflit is between Emily & her ‘twisted’ spine. Ultimately I want the audience to feel that there’s always MORE TO LIFE than letting scoliosis dictate their life.

And if life is a game, YOU should make the rules. To understand that, you’ll have to believe that even though you’re bent, it never means that you’re broken.

I hope you will enjoy this short film (:

Leave a comment & let me know what you think! I’d love to hear back from the community.


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