"GothamSmith was founded in 2011 on a night much like tonight. Four men, Robert Blinn, Carl Collins, Peter Knocke and Daniel Stillman, unsatisfied with their digital creations set out to craft delightful goods of a more physical variety. Not possessed of the nostalgia of authenticism they chose to work with the emerging and sometimes slippery field of 3D printing. Working with new technology has constraints but also provides opportunities to craft unique goods that remind us of a past but could only exist now. Each product reflects a particular obsession the members share, objects drawn from their minds for you to enjoy."

What is the future of creativity, manufacturing, and design? How is the Shapeways community and 3D printing enabling everyone to make their ideas real?

Brooklyn-based GothamSmith share their story.

Shapeways* Made in the Future


Directed by Stephan Malik
Produced by Carine Carmy, Shapeways
Featuring Carl Collins and Peter Knocke of GothamSmith
Music by Tai Vare & Bill Wandel
Including: Principal Violin - Sonia Lee, Principal Cello - Tom Sullivan, Live strings recorded at Pearl Sound Studios by Chuck Alkazian

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