Think Differently. See Differently. Film Differently.

As technology advances, so should what it is used with. The impact that smartphones
have had on the camera industry, let alone the mobile phone industry, have been
significant. With the iPhone being the world’s most used camera, the continued
growth of people using smartphones over cameras, and with the release of a 4K
camera on a smartphone coming October 2013, it will be no surprise to continue
to see this trend. Furthermore, with 87 percent of the world’s population having
a registered mobile phone, the idea that it is common place allows for a mass
marketed reassessment of how phone cameras are used. Function 3 combines
the functionality of a tripod, slider and steadicam, all within a compact footprint
making it easy to carry around. Although we see this product as being very
beneficial to people in the journalism, retail photography or marketing industry,
there is also something to be said about the rise of low budget filming. Function
3 then allows for greater shot quality and the flexibility of having all three of
these products within this single frame, offering portability and opportunity.

Designed for Digital Tools at Ryerson University

Music: Outro by M83

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