erretres. Unstable office
Mutable space for work, creativity, education and fun.
A Project by Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos

Location: Madrid, España
Surface: 352 m2
Budget: 60.000,00 €
Client: erretres, The Strategic Design Company

Architect: Carlos Arroyo Arquitectos
Team: Carlos Arroyo, Vanessa Cerezo
Production: Manuel Ocaña
Panels: Trama

Photos: Miguel de Guzmán
Inaugurated : 15 January 2013

The brief required flexible workspace for a creative agency, mutable into an events area, turning into a school of design for certain months in the year, or a place to have fun - with a very limited budget. We needed a simple and light way to transform spatial arrangements.
Then we studied the way a creative office works, and proposed a system by which a team could develop ideas on a mood-wall and then take the wall to the meeting room for presentations.
The agency uses honeycomb cardboard panels made from recycled paper for their presentations. We decided to use them as mobile walls, covered with a felt made from recycled plastic bottles (PET), which is sound absorbing, light, inexpensive, and good for pinning presentations on. Other panels are lined with magnetic blackboard, whiteboard, void calendars, or printed with the presentations themselves.
Two sets of rails define the potential spaces. The bottom rail is the duct for all the service cables, and the back of each panel is attached to it with a magnet. The panel is actually hanging from the top rail, which is painted in a stark colour.
The existing concrete structure and walls are all left as found, with all traces, marks and irregularities left untouched, as resulting from clearing the previously clutterd space. We simply paint everything the same shade of light grey, so that the panels with the creative work become the only feature.

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