Suspacious Gallery, Sofia

Phantasmagoria is the result of Phormatik's recent investigations of the perception of time and future.
Inspired by the experience of Pepper's ghost effect and Phantasmagoria performance's from 18-19th century, this exhibition present five works, each representing our interpretation of the future, through techniques such as Projection Mapping, Holographic Digital Projection, Augmented Reality, Interactive sensors, Mobile App's and Face Detection.Creating different aspects, every work can be explored by the audience.

Camera: Nedelcho Hazurbasanov, Ivan Moskov
Editing: Vladislav Iliev
Music: Surfacing - Keenya

Special thanks to A.S.M.A. , Suspacious Gallery, Stefan Gadzhovski, Dimo Stoyanov(P.I.F.), Nedelcho Hazurbasanov, Ivan Moskov, Petar Koev, Tanya Petrova, Gerasimov's family and all friends!
Thanks Everyone!
Phormatik Visual LAB ©

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