This is a rough previz/pitchviz (not a polished "final" version) I did in 2006 of a scene from a live-action feature script, titled Archangel, about powerful, light and dark beings warring among us. Characters and story by producer Gerard St Germaine. Created in Lightwave 9.3.

Since the previz would be used in pitch meetings, I wanted to put more detail into it than was typically seen in rough previz. Stock Daz models contributed to that higher level of detail, and the time saved on modeling could be put into more detailed animation, lighting, and FX than the clients were ever expecting for the budget.

While searching for free stock models to use, I discovered Daz Studio, and I was impressed with the wealth of inexpensive, high quality models available (many for free!), and the control over morphs, to quickly create a variety of characters and facial expressions that I had not expected to be able to do for a low budget previz. For about $70, I was able to gather all the characters, costumes and props I needed. The clients were impressed by the level of detail I was able to provide, on a small budget.

I was having so much fun editing the action together, I took it upon myself to add music and sound FX, which again, the producer was not expecting. So they also did not have to pay an editor.

There was a particular plot concept I wanted to try to convey visually, but it was really impossible to make clear without dialogue exposition. It does not quite come across here, but the idea was that weapons cannot harm the archangels or demons, unless they are handheld, since the energy of a living entity must transmit thru the weapon by contact. So any objects shot or thrown would not harm them. And the archangel's swords cannot harm humans, only demons. Also, archangels can see 'demons' hiding in human form, but humans cannot see their true form, except for the moment when the shockwave from Alexandria's sword reveals the demons temporarily. To help with the distinction, I used red auras for demons, gold for humans, and cyan for angels.

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