This video is primarily a PSA to link you to the short film itself. Instead of an actual trailer of the film, we felt this was best to capture the audience's attention and make an impactful impression on the viewer.

Short Summary
Logline: A 23-year-old girl deals with her traumatic past when she goes through counseling of revealing an 8 year long secret that has emotionally damaged her.

Synopsis: The movie is set in modern time and is a narrative drama based on actual events of the life of a young woman who is now surpassing the traumatic experience she encountered at a young age. Now in the aftermath of her recent breakup, Luna is subconsciously forced to go through with seeking counseling. While she brings herself to finally speak out loud about the trauma, Luna must now dig up old memories to describe it all. As Luna goes on about the pinpoints of her recollection, she brings along both emotions of sorrow and anger.

The Impact
This is a student film and a final senior capstone project at California State University Monterey Bay. The soul purpose behind the film that we want to portray is the given hope that can come from even a dark and scarring tragedy such as sexual assault.

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