At SocialTwist we work with hundreds of the companies to run their social referral marketing. Over the last 18 months, we have collated data across 150+ of the most successful social campaigns to find how many leading companies are tracking, rewarding and engaging the consumers that drive the most business for them. In this webinar we will share with you the findings and the implications they can have for your marketing. Topics covered include:

1. Creating programs and implementing analytics that unravel the consumers and engagements that drive the most business: Data from 150+ Campaigns
2. Measure consumer actions beyond “likes” or "clickthrus", measure impact on – awareness, engagement, conversion
3. A look at Retail, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Membership Organizations, Etc.
Channel Preference vs. Channel Performance: : Facebook, Twitter, Email - how do your most valuable consumers connect and which channels drive sales
4. Using the data to drive loyalty programs, memberships, promotions, product launches and event product/service test programs

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