'A Year Of BS' or 'YOBS' is a film project documenting fixed gear cycling in our home city of Bristol. Our first film compiles footage taken from fixed gear rides & races across 2013. For news of past & upcoming events visit DASRADKLUB.com

For photos from the events featured in the film follow these links:

Queen Of Tarts Alleycat - statigr.am/tag/queenoftartsalleycat/
Full Moon Bike Ride [Bristol] - statigr.am/tag/fullmoonbikeride/
[Bristol] Mess Life - statigr.am/tag/brismesslife/
Hell Climb - statigr.am/tag/hellclimb/
Lycra Louts - statigr.am/tag/hwsteadysundays/ statigr.am/tag/tdotuesday/ statigr.am/tag/bankholidaytonday/
Tunnel Sprints - statigr.am/search/tunnelsprints
Hacksaws Challenge - statigr.am/search/hacksawschallenge
Chip Shop Ride - statigr.am/tag/chipshopride/

Full soundtrack listing:

Intro - 'Electric pow wow drum' - A Tribe Called Red
Queen Of Tarts Alleycat - 'Please Go Over There' - Ferenzal Rhomb
Full Moon Bike Ride - 'Tonight The Streets Are Ours' - Richard Hawley
Mess Life - 'You Know My Steeze' - Gangstarr
Hell Climb - 'I Gotta Get Thru This' - Daniel Bedingfield
Lycra Louts - 'Where Eagles Dare' - The Misfits
Tunnel Sprints - 'Ante Up' - MOP
Hacksaws Challenge - 'Breaking The Law' - Cry Havoc
Chip Shop Ride - 'I'm Riding My Bike' - Kidzone
Outro - 'You Are My Sunshine' - Low

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