Directed and photographed by Bryan Brousseau, edited by Rosie Nakamura, produced by Red 14 Films and

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Samuel Beauchamp has been dead for twenty-seven years, but that hasn't stopped him from living...

KIRKUS REVIEWS: "I am such a coward," thinks Samuel Beauchamp, the main character in Siemsen's (A Warm Place to Call Home, 2013) latest novel about a winningly confessional demon who's "seemingly immortal, yet afraid of everything." Samuel had been an ordinary teenager in 1930s California until he was hit by a truck and killed--only to find his consciousness was able to leap from body to body at will ... In time, [Samuel] meets Gregor, a revolting fellow demon who's chosen a radically different approach to immortality than Samuel, and their confrontation provides a riveting climax.

A fascinating, at times moving story of a demon looking for normalcy.

RED CITY REVIEW: "The Many Lives of Samuel Beauchamp is a richly written and dramatic narrative that weaves an interesting world in which its characters may thrive and destroy.

THE PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY PRESS: "Disturbing, exciting, and impossible to put down."

INDIEHEART REVIEWS: "...straight up good storytelling and chock full o' twists and turns that you'll never see comin."

In this prequel to the highly acclaimed novel A Warm Place to Call Home (a demon's story) by Michael Siemsen, the bestselling author turns back the clock--from post-WWI California to late 1950's New York City.

For reasons unknown to him, Samuel's essence remained after his body was killed, and he discovers that the living emit an irresistible force, drawing him inside where he has the power to take over.

After surviving the great depression in the body of a young hobo, Samuel spends years studying the history of his condition, moving from body to body when necessary, and finally settling in New York City in the late 1950's. Following a few years of relative serenity, his beautiful and brash girlfriend disappears, and his search for her uncovers answers to questions he never asked.


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