This video immediately follows the end of the Master/Doctor: Prequel to Pt. 5 - A, with some parts happening simultaneously.

As the Doctor continues to search for the Master he recalls their final days together before the Master left. The Doctor, racked with guilt for not listening to the Master’s concerns, realizes even his son, Theta, blames him for the Master leaving.

Donna convinces the Doctor not to give up hope for their relationship, encouraging him to search for the Master. Before the Doctor leaves, Theta comes to him to make peace and say goodbye. The Doctor gives Theta his fob watch as a farewell gift, not telling Theta he has left his essence within the watch to protect and guide him.

Theta, who has been living with Martha since his parent’s left, sits alone thinking of his father while studying the watch. He realizes this is the same watch his father gave to Donna when he was a young boy. When he finally questions the watch on what to do, the watch warns him to beware of a certain woman who is working for the military.

We discover at that moment, the same woman, Johnson, has become aware of some information found by an operatives pertaining to Donna McAvoy, formally known as Donna Noble. Donna, who has since married Lee McAvoy and has been caring for the Doctor and Master’s youngest daughter, Amy, has been living under the alias of Alice & Lee Pond to protect Amy. This information is now coming to light by Johnson as the operative tells her that their names are fake.

Donna is with Amy when Lee returns home from work. She begins to have an overwhelming feeling they are being watched, but Lee tries to reassure her everything is okay.

Jack arrives at Torchwood and sends Gwen a text to come to the Hub immediately. Gwen, who has been caring for the Doctor and Master’s fraternal twins, Sky & Koschei, finds the children out in the garden talking about the process of regeneration when she tells them she has to leave for work. Martha also receives a text from UNIT to report to work, she tells Theta to go to Gwen’s.

The operative makes the connections that Alice Pond is really Donna Noble-McAvoy, former companion to the Doctor and informs Johnson. Johnson contacts her superior, John Frobisher, that UNIT has a file disclosing information pertaining to the history of the Doctor and the Master, including their children. Frobisher tells Johnson to bring them in.

At that same moment, Jack and Gwen are reviewing similar information which includes Martha, Donna, Gwen and Jack’s names. It becomes clear to Jack that someone is planning to use the children and the Doctor’s friends as bait to capture him and the Master. Jack contacts Donna and tells her to get out of her house and hide immediately. Jack then tries to warn Martha, but is too late as UNIT takes her into custody. Donna and Lee take Amy to hide in an old warehouse just before Johnson arrives to take them into custody. Gwen panics, realize they may be heading to her house next to take the children and rushes out leaving Jack behind at Torchwood.

Back on the TARDIS the Doctor is unaware of everything happening in connection to his former companions and his children. After a warning signal goes off, the Doctor checks his monitor to discover the Master looking back at him.

We cut back to Theta running upstairs to a bedroom at Gwen’s. His fob watch has become active, telling him to open the watch. When he does, he begins to seeing things that are currently happening, as well as thing that are to come. At that moment Gwen arrives home and he closes the watch.

Returning back to the Doctor, we find him continuing his search for the Master in the junkyard.

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