Project: Ion Storm - Thief III
Developer: Ion Storm - United States
Production Company: Maverick Media - United Kingdom
Director: Seamus O'Reily

Background: Game trailers require in-game capturing and then re-sound designed because the audio track becomes too fragmented and unlistenable. This type of genre is about mood, atmosphere, textures, imaginary worlds and events.

How we did it: Our task is to create the audio track as if we where creating a normal film trailer. We do this by layering the location atmosphere tracks first, then start to add the events, Using lots of subtle Foley elements, [Manchester rain, coppers in a bag, leather creak, dowsed burning wood, foot steps on stone floor,] and a music score with strings and flute all add to the mix.

Sounds we created include: Music score, atmos track, creaking wood, leather bag, torch flame, coinage, distant dog, footsteps, human foley, castle sfx.

Music & Sound by:

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