Artist Statement

As you walk, drive, commute, go out into town with your friends, watch television, or go to a movie, you will always encounter an endless stream of advertisements that showcase the latest food combo or a new flavored sugar drink. Social media and youtube are also constantly littered with advertisements from major fast food chains showing off one of their specialty meals in an overly aesthetic way. Constantly seeing all the advertisements has become such a large part in our daily lives that we don’t even notice them consciously anymore. However, the advertisements are designed to enter and trigger your mind unconsciously to crave that meal. Ultimately, the items you purchase at a fast food restaurant never appear the way it is photographed. The overly perfect hamburger or chili nachos shown in these advertisements are only illusions made by the fast food companies. This false projection that fast food companies do to their consumers is why I designed my video installation. Rotating fast food items, purchased only minutes before, are sitting on a turntable, giving the viewer a 360° view of the items the way I received them. By placing these items on a very commercial looking backdrop, with proper studio lighting, it creates a very interesting clash between the overly perfect commercial production and reality. The relationship between these images of fast food and the real advertisements creates an irony and a never ending cycle between reality and the illusions perceived from false advertising. The consumers must constantly be aware that what they perceive in advertisements will not be the reality. We must not look up to these advertisements but instead, look into the commercial production as it creates the perfect illusion of authenticity.

Minor Thesis @ Ryerson University
4th Year Photography

Artist: Tyler-James Skakun
Tyler-James Photography

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