The principal focus of the research here is really targeted at reduced maintenance. Especially for fine turf or high maintenance turf such as golf or course grass but also an applications to lawn grass.
We let weeds grow, we let diseases develop we’re really researching hundreds of different varieties of each specific species of grass that’s grow up here in a temperate zone.
We are investigating how we can still maintain high quality turf with less, less water, fertilizer and also pesticides.
Several years ago we had a new USGA Green put in.
When you’re building a USGA Green there are specifications for particle size and that’s why for instance we use Holliston because they provide a good product, it’s very uniform.
We have been able to see significant improvements in overall performing properties of our grasses. Holliston has always been able to provide to us samples.
We have some of the best soil in the country and its very, very uniform so it doesn’t confound the research.
In this particular facility is not just used for research but also is an important part of education for students.
Holliston Sand on gravel can furnish us with a uniform product that meets the specifications that we need.

Scott Ebdon, a professor from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Tom Griffin, Superintendent of the Turf Grass Research Center had their share to say in this interview about turf grass. Whether its deals with high maintenance turf or the processes of testing that’s behind every golf course or lawn grass, Holliston Sand is right in the mix, literally! See what these two Turf experts have to say about how we handle our own in the world of turf grass!

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