There are many things we love about being wedding videographers. While talking with other people in the wedding industry at Lynn and Kyle's wedding, we consistently had the pleasure of saying that we truly love what we do. Our job is not to be in the lead, giving direction like a photographer, but we do get to be right there in the moment catching the scene. As with any wedding we film, we found it was great to let their photographer take the lead, getting Lynn and Kyle comfortable and relaxed so that their photos and video would turn out looking natural and beautiful.

I'm sure Jake didn't get choked up as much as I did, as we filmed Lynn's mother buttoning up her dress, hearing her sister ask Kyle to take care of Lynn, their first dance, and so many other moments that get a girl teary eyed. What's amazing to us is that even though we weren't always at the forefront getting close with the bride and groom, their presence together was plenty to fill our memory cards with loads of unforgettable scenes.

Though we're still in the beginning stages with Brieowmi Films, meeting people who are so open and loving like Lynn and Kyle reminds us why we're giving all we've got. We have been incredibly blessed to work with this couple, and God knows there is more good coming our way if this is what the start looks like :) Congratulations to this beautiful couple!

Check out this beautiful post of Lynn and Kyle's wedding, photographed by our good friend Sara Ackermann Photography.

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