Ideas are fickle! Once you have one, getting it out of your head is a whole other story.

“BrainMaze” turns this dilemma into a game with deeper meaning. The visitors try to get the ball, metaphoric for an idea, out of the maze. They do so by controlling the tilt of the brain with an academic hat.

The hat is equipped with a tilt sensor and a wireless radio, which sends its data to the brain. This, in turn, mimics the tilt via a system of motors and strings. Only if the visitors use their head correctly, will they manage to get to the idea out of the maze.

More information on my portfolio:

Special Thanks to Benjamin Hinteregger ( who built the actual brain while I was in charge of the electronics and mechanics.

(This was made using two arduinos, two xbees, an accelerometer and a motor shield controlling two 12V DC motors.)

Music: Floating by Podington Bear (

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