Still 1Pet1:7 , now in syllables=years AD 241-255-267. Page 42 Cambridge Ancient History brief on Gallienus and Valerian his dad, might be helpful: . Once you load it, search on either "summer 257," (include the comma) or "persecution against the Christians" and select page 42. Page 64 has a great 8-point summary of the 'crisis' changes.

Notice the chronology there, which ends up being a pattern Paul plots, of how God removes an Emperor who persecutes believers. So here, Valerian issues a persecution order 'summer 257', and by 260, he's skinned alive by Shapur. Gallienus his son meanwhile had backed off persecution, so arises Odenanthus in the East, who would have just as soon aided Shapur, but was rejected, so now aids Gallienus to the end. Gallienus in turn is mauled by his own, because in part, he aided the Christians. So the anti-Christian Aurelian rises, quickly falls -- after uniting Rome again with a revamped Sol Invictus cult, with Christ's Chanukah birthday, as the birthday of Sol. LOL.

Shocking, how Gallienus is stressed as instrumental in freeing up Scripture. How do we know this? Because Peter 'maps' his words on Gallienus, using PAUL's epainon anaphora. Shocking, because it reaffirms what I thought Paul was doing with the anaphora: signify AUTONOMY for freeing BIBLE. That analysis starts on page 110 of, aka aka (the latter two require you have BibleWorks fonts on your computer, free download at ).

Paul benchmarks the key phrase at times in history when PERSECUTION resulting in DIASPORA flares up: verse 6, leading up to Bar Kochba and razing of Jerusalem; verse 12, consolidation of Constantine in New Rome and resultant persecution of Christians and Jews who don't 'fit in' with his apostate regime; verse 14, time of the bishops utter control over the now-divided Empire (i.e., with Pulcheria), again with the women behind the thrones pulling strings, and youngsters as 'emperors'. Replay but much worse, of the time of the Severans, now with CHRISTIANS doing the persecuting, far worse than ever would happen under Diocletian.

This persecution began 100 years before. Here's a book on the 'history' of 'synods' or 'councils' of these rabid, cannibalistic Christians: . So when there's no Emperor to sponsor persecution, Christians still eat their own. That 'tradition' continues, even to this day. God isn't in any of it, only ego.

Download UPGRADED pdf on Peter's meter (only the Greek, all of 1Pet1:1-12): . The upgrade now sports LINKS to the historical sections in Ephesians1REPARSED.htm, so you can investigate the university and contemporary Roman history/Church documents of that time, to see why Peter meters as he does.

Download the interleaved (Paul's Eph 1:3-14 with 1Peter1:1-12) song with its metered translation, here: . It's only two pages, currently. Since 1Peter 1:1-12 is metered, the final version will be much longer.

Again, to get the most out of this play on Paul, read Paul's meter, replete with Roman contemporary writings, university websites explaining the relevant historical references: (if you have Bibleworks fonts; or download them free at ). HTM version: . PDF version: .

To see how the 49 years were missed, not 70 (as mistakenly claimed by Eusebius, who scholars have blindly followed ever since), see ; then search on 'Master Accountant', to read the accounting.

Since Isaiah and Daniel started this rhetorical style of meter-mapping-to-kings tradition, watch videos on Daniel 9, beginning here: . It's faster and easier to instead download the Daniel document in that video's description, then read through it to see his style. Both Paul and Peter talk back to Daniel 9 VIA its style -- which I call 'tagging' -- as Mary had done, in the Magnificat.

File Name: 5e23RFG2ndPass1Pet1v7de.avi, 10/24/13 made, first posted 12/12/13.

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