"If something burns your soul with purpose and desire,
it is your duty to be reduced to ashes by it."
- Charles Bukowski.

Camerawork. Edited. Directed. Written.
William Beale.


I. Remember your purpose.

II. Forget the crowd. Break off and become a fire burning slowly.

III. Ignite emotions in others. Fan your own by letting the shouts of joy out.

IV. Remember the moments that inspired you; the words that stuck; the looks that killed.

V. Remember your purpose.

VI. Let your eyelids become a lensecap never closed. Capture everything. Tell them everything. Leave out nothing.

VII. Stare into the wide eyes of others. Learn them, and carve a message into their minds like a tattoo of far off places.

VIII. Remember that there are others bigger and better than you,
but you will keep going because our passions are the only flames worth fanning until morning.

IX. Remember this.

X. Remember your purpose.


Thanks to all involved; too many mentors, friends and filmmakers to count.
To further years of exploring our passions. Thank you.

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