This is a short segment of a much larger concept for my Kinetic and Sequential Honors class. My initial goal was to create a video on the the trials and tribulations that a paper airplane would face flying through a city. Additionally, the boy who threw the airplane would be in constant search for his flying pal. When it seems like all hope is lost - as the boy sits gloomily on a street corner - the paper airplane returns to his side. Unfortunately with time being a factor it was decided that I create a segment of the original concept.

In this video my objective was to add character through the movement of the airplane. There are a few moment in this piece where the airplane displays human like qualities and I wanted to make those stand out.

The music is a snippet of "Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin. The music has so much character and goes through its own emotional ups and downs similar to the airplane. With the original piece being over 16 mins long it was a challenge to find a 30 second segment that would fit the video.

Overall, this project was more of a challenge that originally expected. The illustration work took months to develop and about a week to finalize. The decision to cut out certain characters and scenes was a difficult one but necessary in order to complete this project by a certain time. What it did though is motivate me to further explore motion design. Just in this short clip I feel that I have added a certain personality to the airplane and therefore I see this as a building block moving forward. I plan on having the full video finished within the next few months.

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