This is my first reflection video for the Summative project.


For our summative project, we have to create promotional posters and videos for our school, Sisler High School. We are mainly focusing on the all the courses, sports teams, groups, visual performing arts and activities Sisler High School has to offer. We are basically creating these posters and videos to show Jr. High students what Sisler has to offer, and hopefully give them an interest in going to Sisler for high school. I will be creating the promotional videos for this summative project, while my other group members will be working on designing the posters, and creating other promotional items. With the help of the app “Layar”, people will be able to scan the entire poster, and then everything that can be opened (in a browser, etc.) will “come to life” and will be clickable, and will open up to whatever we put on the poster. (Social media links, videos, etc.) We are also doing this project to show students in our school what they are able to do in some courses, they know nothing about. This gives us a chance to advertise the different courses around our school, and the groups, sports teams, activities, and VPA that students have an interest in, and let them know how to join them. This provides a faster way on how students can learn about the different things going around Sisler High School.

5 Project Goals:

To complete and finish this entire summative project; creating every single poster and video for each course, group, VPA, sports team, and activities in our school.
That we will be able to get enough people to check out what we have planned to do around our school.
Get Jr. High students to go to our school for their high school years.
We will be able to make each individual video and main promotional video presentable and interesting.
That the posters we create will be presentable and interesting to our entire school.
2 Goals for the Week:

Complete the motion graphic for the main promotional video.
Finish plotting down specific footage and images I need for the promotional videos.

Weekly Goals:

For this project, most of my weekly goals will be to complete a certain amount (2-3) of promotional videos for the project. That being said, I would have to be filming and editing every single day… (THIS IS GOING TO BE STRESSING!) I know it will be worth it in the end though


I will be mainly using Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro for this project. I may use Adobe Flash, and Illustrator and Fireworks, to create certain things for the project, but After Effects and Premiere will be the 2 main applications I will use for this project. I will need a camera to film, possibly a microphone for voice-overs, and the 2 Adobe softwares to edit.

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