The Xound Box is an experimental street art performance project spreading a dose of holiday cheer throughout streets of Manhattan. It is the result of The Crowded's 'Physical Computing for Artists and Designers' workshop where a group of creatives came together in Firstborn's Tribeca offices to create 38 sound boxes using the open-source electronic prototyping platform, Arduino.

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Director: Han Lee, Dofl Yun
Organizer: Minki Park
Coordinator: Emily Park, Yoon Hee Kim
Artists:Ahhyung Chung, Dae Boong Kim, Dami You, Da Seul An, Hae Hyun Park, Hanna Yoon, Hayan Kim,Hyejin June Hong, Hyo Ju Hong, Hyunjin Park, Jeena Hyunjin Kim, Jeong Yun Kim, Jin Sang Yoon, Jin Young Yoo, Joung Soo Kim, JungIn Yun, Kony Oh, Kumrang Jung, Kyung A Na, Min Kyeong Lee,Saeyoon Kim, Seokmin Hong, Seongmi Park, Sin Young Kim, Sirah Yoo, Soojin Park, SunA Sim, Tae Han Lee, Yea Kyung Chung, Yong Hwa Choi, Yonghee Kim, Yoon Hee Kim, Yoon Ju Lee,Young Wook Choi
Physical Computing Designer: Han Lee
Physical Computing Developer: Han Lee, Dofl Yun
Field Producer: Young Cheong
Camera Operator: Haeni Kim, Raisa Kell, Yoon Hee Kim, Daniel Viveros
Photographer: Han Lee, Tae Han Lee
Editor: Haeni Kim
Sound Designer & Editor: Naro Kim
Post Supervisor:Dofl Yun

Special Thanks To: Firstborn

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