To celebrate and share the holiday spirit... we've decided to put it in a glass.

For all of our fellow filmmakers and friends, have a happy holiday and thanks for a great year!

1) Pre-chill a coupe glass and set aside
2) Add 1 ounce of rye whiskey
3) Add 1/4 ounce of triple sec
4) Add 3/4 ounce of mulled cranberry syrup
5) Add 3 dashes of orange and aromatic bitters
6) Add ice to the mixing glass
7) Stir for 20 seconds
8) Remove the ice and strain into coupe glass
9) Top with champagne
10) Add 3 drops of whiskey-aged bitters (optional)
11) Garnish with a ribbon of orange zest
12) Serve and enjoy

and for our friend's in advertising... We have a slightly different take on this drink just for you:



An original idea by Jared Folkmann.

Producer: Alissa Hansen
Film Director: Kerry Janes
Director of Photography: Christiaan Welzel
Mixologist: Colin Leach
Editor: Christiaan Welzel
Writer(s): Stefan Smith, Kerry Janes
Lighting: Philippe Clairo
Creative Director: Christiaan Welzel
Planning Director: Jared Folkmann
Art Director: Andrew Lavery
Designer(s): April Ryde
Account Manager: Natalie Matti
Photography: Philippe Clairo
Development: The Hangar Interactive

Critical Mass

Auld Lang Syne performed by SAVK

The Silk Road Spice Merchant

***Please drink responsibly***

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