Singer- Shask Vir
Rapper- Emcee Bharat
Lyrics - Shaskvir
Rap - Emcee Bharat
D.O.P - Sameep Twakaley
Director -Sameep Tawakley, Rohan Pal
Model - Kasturi Srivastav
Music- EA Productions
Editor- Shask Vir
producer - Emcee Bharat
*The following audio/video strictly meant for promotional purpose. We do not wish to make any commercial use of this and is intended to showcase the creativity of the artist involved.
*This Song Based On TRUE LOVE STORY

Story Behind The Song

Once upon a time,
There was a guy named Aryan
he fell in love with a Girl whom he loved very much.
But Situation was different !

as he lived in INDIA and the girl
lived in USA.

they used to spend quality times
talking on phone , Skype and sending
real hand written letters to each others

there wasn't a single moment they didn't
spent together even after being so

far they spent Diwali,Holi,Birthdays, Thanks -giving,Christmas and so on ..
all on Skype or talking on phone.. ..
must say Skype and phone was the life line for them

One day they decided to meet ...
for that girl and Aryan did a lot and
earned enough to see each other. Aryan here in INDIA arranged as much he could have to make her visit possible to see him..... he did all to make this happen .... finally the day came....

NOV 2- she arrived

at T3 at 2:30 am at Delhi airport in the morning.

Aryan was waiting for her at lobby
for like 4 hrs prior with his friend.

everyone of the same flight
was already out in the lobby but

the girl didn't showed up ..yet...... Aryan got
worried and nervous .............
Then with Sparkling eyes ... with a sweet smile... lady in pink came to him...

Aryan was looking at her and
she was looking at him .. they lost
into them self so very much that
they started kissing in the
public... :P

later she came to Aryan`s Place..... it was already decorated with flowers , and candles
he and she spend a lot of quality
time .. as it was really great for
her to see every thing in Real
what she been seeing all these times on

a computer screen ... same peoples,

same room, same culture and most

awesome a BROWN MAN :P with a WHITE GIRL..
they enjoyed being together,
cooking Indian food and eating
together... and cooking American
food and sharing it with every one

It was the winter time ... when
every day at 4 am she used to ask
him to go for a walk .. as Aryan
being a lazy ass always tried to
escape from that still he used to
go for walks....
they seen a lot of places and memories together...

They spend a lot of awesome nights
parting , hanging out with friends
family .... some crazy bike rides
to awesome .. Auto rickshaw to Camel rides....

It was the perfect winter days they
could ever had.....

One day Aryan`s sister and her friends arrived to
see Aryan and his girl...
they went together... on Train ride

which was the 1st experience for the GIRL :D

.... they even enjoyed few arguments,
and few teasing on the way to Rajasthan

..... they enjoyed all the
lovely places in rajasthan

the awesome chilling winter yet
not got over .. they decided to go
Agra... in a bus from Jaipur .. it

was like a dream come true as the
lovers been together at world most
awesome... TAJ Mahal ....

finally.... they came back to
Delhi.... every one was gone..
just Aryan and his girl left at his

place.... Aryan was sick .. so she
took really good care of him.....
and even cooked him awesome and
most tasty Indian foods that was
kinda shock for him to see her
doing that...

Day came... when she had to
go back not because she wanted to but
because her family at her place was
waiting for the situation at Aryan`s place
was like .. both of them looking at
each other neither they cud smile
nor they cud cry.... they kept
looking each other.. and did as much
they cud have done for each other..
knowing that when they are meeting next time isn't sure

Now her bags got packed.. and they
took the taxi..... and reached ..
air port... they gave each other
last kiss at the same place they
did their 1st kiss ... they hugged
each other... and he left her arms

he let her go they said nothing to
each other but there eyes said it
all.. he kept standing out side
the airport .waiting till the
flight takes off... and he kept
looking at the flight till the
flight it self .. vanished in
clouds..... . he came back to his place..

That night he could sleep
but only tears and memories very
holding him around.. every sec
he can only see her in his room.... ....

He is still helpless to make that meeting happen again
and he still waiting to meet her


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