A handyman finishes working on a house. He gets a call, he has been offered more money to work on a job out in the Yorkshire Countryside in a small village. Needing the money, he accepts the job. That night he says goodbye to his friends and packs up. Upon morning time, he sets off on his new found job. Upon arrival at the village it is not what he expected. There is no work to do and does the village hold secrets that James didn't anticipate? Topped with a load of strange, weird and freaky characters this bizzare plot is more than meets the eye.

Influenced by The League of Gentlemen and traditional sitcoms.

This is my final college project, we were briefed to create a sitcom or drama as though we had been commissioned by E4.

The title reflects the plot in many ways. 'Community Service' because he is a handyman and he is providing a service to the community. But also because he becomes trapped in the village and cannot leave much like a prison sentence.

Mahoosive thanks to all cast & crew for their time and effort and to the residents of High Melton.

Featuring the lyrical genius of:

Ruberlaris - Monday Morning Blues
Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel - Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile)
The 6ths - Falling Out of Love (With You)

Directed, produced and written by myself, Thomas Wood.

Primarily shot in High Melton with supporting scenes in Hatfield and Dunsville.

Pre-production commenced 17th January 2011.
Pre-production completed 25th April 2011.

Principal photography commenced 28th April 2011.
Principal photography wrapped 26th May 2011.

Post-production wrapped 27th May 2011.

© Thomas Wood 2011

Blooper reel accessible at: youtu.be/vZRAri7x8Vo

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