An experimental documentary about Wall Street's high-speed fiber optic cable that runs through America’s rust belt, from New York to Chicago.

Automated Futures juxtaposes Wall Street's high-speed fiber optic cable against the decaying industrial economy of America's rust belt. The film documents a privately owned high-speed fiber optic cable that runs between Chicago and New York City. This cable is used primarily for the algorithmic high frequency trading practices of hedge funds and investment banks. It runs directly through the rust belt—towns like La Porte, Elkhart, Toledo, Cleveland, Mesopotamia, and Manahoy City. As such, it's a paradigmatic example of the disjunction between the interests of high finance and the decaying industrial economy.

Assembled from audio and video recordings made while traveling the route of Spread Network's flagship dark fiber line in the summer of 2013, Automated Futures is an exploration of the infrastructure of the American economy.

Director Ulysses Pascal
Cinematographer Brian Echon
Sound Designer Matthew Joseph Xavier Doyle

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