Based on Chinese law, the rights of the elderly depend on the support of their caretakers. But many people, like Zhou Zhenlong, who have lost their only child have also lost their caretaker and source of financial support. As a result, the law on the rights of the elderly has no meaning to them. In China, where the social welfare system is not very strong, it is difficult for bereaved parents to spend their late years in a nursing home, not to mention having the money or qualifying background to live there. They are asking for a modified compensation system to provide for their twilight years.

Since they are facing a predicament without legal precedent in China, parents who have lost their only child want to see changes in the status quo. These parents have written an open letter asking for changes to China's Family Planning Law. By April 2013, some 1,804 people had signed the letter.

In May 2013, ignoring the intervention of the police and their local family planning committees, Sun Xiaorui and at least 400 shidu parents journeyed to the Chinese capital to demand for their rights.

Director / Sun Peng
Producer / Flora Yue




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