In class we had to rework one of the Disney Princess Stories and create a concept piece based on our new story. I focused on reworking Pocahontas into a horror story.
The modified story of Pocahontas takes place in an Inuit tribe in a snow and ice covered desert region. The world is harsh and terrifying; the story centers around John’s realization of his own instinctual desires and impulses that he has to accept if his wants to survive in this new severe climate. However, throughout his trials his greatest fear is losing his humanity to the animalistic side of himself.
The embodiment of his fear is Pocahontas’ fiancé. The subject of my piece is the fiancé of Pocahontas. In order to win the love of Pocahontas, Kocoum hunts for a polar bear that has been seen around the village. In his jealousy and foolishness, he has made the mistake of neglecting to honor the spirit of the bear that he killed; as retribution the deity of the tribe has cursed him melding his flesh with that of the dead polar bear’s. As Kocoum dies an excruciatingly painful death, he loses what humanity he retains as he is consumed by the rotting flesh of the bear.
The position and expression of the man were influenced by the Hellenistic pieces of the Greek culture. Specifically, one of the pieces that motivated the expression and emotion was Laocoon and His Sons, which depicts a man and his two sons being strangled by snakes; as such it depicts feelings of fear, suffering and death. Portrayal of Kocoum’s agony and torment was very important in the overall piece, but in addition there needed to be an ethereal quality that showed the human that he once was. It was with this intention that the piece was influenced by the Greek culture that perfected the human form.

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