We made a Rock the Casbah video. You're welcome!

This is a re-make of the classic Clash video with New York style and pizazz. Sharif likes it! Who's taking the lip dub to a whole new level? We are! Filmed in Brooklyn and Manhattan, this ended up taking a lot more work than expected, but it turned out casbahtastic! (Can't hurry genius.)

Sit back and enjoy!

Bobcat Productions



-The Sharif and the Jewish characters make out in an elevator. NSFW!

-No animals were harmed in the making of this video (it only appears that way).

-For those of you who are here to see the amazing chest hair that everyone is talking about, be prepared to be delighted at 2:05. (Vimeo exclusive!)

-In response to all the suspicion swirling on the Web about our guitars and guitar-playing being fake, neither rumor is true! The guitars just happen to be as thin as cardboard. Don't believe the lies! There are people out there who are just jealous of our success.

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