This first video in the series includes highlights of the outdoor demonstrations on the first day, including a display of innovative new equipment and techniques.
First off, Terrestrial President Gebhard Barbisch (Austria) summarized the work of the Commission and its interaction with the Air Rescue Commission.
Tom Wood, Alpine Mountain Rescue, (USA), then gives an introduction with outdoor events on the first day. Different tools and techniques used by rescuers when attempting to rescue a stranded climber were demonstrated. Featured rescuers: Theo Mauer, Chief Instructor, (Swiss Mountain Rescue), and Bruno Jelk, Rescue Chief, (Zermatt Mountain Rescue). Bryan Webster, Rescue Specialist, (Banff National Park Canada), made a demonstration of a release technique used in long-line helicopter evacuation from a rock face. The critical moment comes when the subject is briefly attached both to the helicopter and the mountain. The rescuer uses a standard climbing rope and a releasable "Munter" hitch to transfer the load from the rock face to the helicopter.
Some Innovative New and Innovative Items Demonstrated:
Herbert Streibel, (Bavarian Mountain Rescue, Germany), Displayed the new Tyromont Rescue Bag and Pneuspine Inflatable Litter. The demonstration included Guardia De Finanza, (Italy), operating the Rescue Bag and the new backboard combination. The new system is designed to operate in all environments including, helicopter, ground, snow and deep cave extractions.
Colonel Blaise Agresti, PGHM, (France), "Le Lezard", Petzl prototype release device preview, (The Lizard). The new device is designed to assist in emergency long-line helicopter evacuations when the subject and rescuer are briefly attached both to the helicopter and the mountain. The prototype is still in the testing stage, and is not currently available for purchase.
Thomas Griesback, Bergwacht, Rescue Truck (Bergwacht Bayern, Germany). He described the trucks and integrated equipment used by Bavarian Mountain Rescue and the value to the public. This includes the testing of unmanned small aircraft to assist in search and rescue.

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