Why would a Peruvian ginger grower ask and get advice from a Dutch engineer in food technology? Doesn’t he know himself all about ginger? Was there no one in Peru who could help? Take a look at this short 3 minute video and we’ll tell you how your business can prosper with PUM Netherlands senior experts’ advice.

For over 35 years now, Dutch volunteers with at least 30 years of professional experience, have helped entrepreneurs in developing countries and emerging markets with their expertise and practical advice.

‘PUM’s advisory process always start with an issue that an entrepreneur encounters in doing business in any given country were we operate. This way it is understood that the entrepreneur really is motivated to put work into the matter. There is an investment of time and also money, since the entrepreneur pays for lodging and food and local transportation while the expert is visiting’ says Domien Bruinsma, the Dutch food technology engineer who advised PUM’s Peruvian customer Guillermo Medina Capulian.

The Peruvian entrepreneur has been growing ginger for years, but when he considered exporting ginger, he realised he lacked knowledge. To be specific, he needed to know about the specific requirements that Western countries set regarding importing ginger. With the help of the Dutch volunteer senior expert he is about to conquer the European market with an innovative snack!

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