Work sample length: 8 minutes 42 seconds
Run-time: 13 minutes 10 seconds

Choreographer: SKOlds
Composer: Scott Rixe
Dancers: Madeline DeVries, Rachael Forstrom, Kelsey Hamon, Michael Hoover, Katie Lappier Stricker, Kelly Lynch, Michele McCauley, Shannan McCormick, Philippa Myler, Sophie Nevin, April Nyquist, Micaela Preskill
Costumes: SKOlds, Rachael Forstrom, Teresa Shupe
Installation: Antonia Price
Dancers inside Installation: Sean Cormack & Calie Swederg

Previously entitled "Sentinel" & original debut Fire & Ice, November 2013, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA
Lighting Designer: Ilvs Strauss
Film production: Walter Zamojski

“Continuum” is a Neo-modern dance work choreographed by Sarah Kathryn Olds in collaboration with Seattle-based composer, Scott Rixe. Olds utilizes traditional boundaries of Modern dance to assist in the evolution of her movement vocabulary and voice. What are these boundaries? The Contraction and all it’s glory. This dance work was inspired by the internal conflict some face when letting their guard down and revealing their vulnerability.

Serendipitydancebrigade All rights reserved 2013.

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