If it is possible to have a crush on a couple, I think I have a crush on these two. After editing their video, I find myself using Garrett's catch phrases often - particularly 'Holy Smokes!' I find myself being more thankful for friends and family, and I find myself being grateful that I even had the opportunity to hang out with the Saalborn and Hill families for a weekend.

Garrett and Haley share an incredible story, and they come from incredible families. The best thing about it, however, is simply that they know it. They are fully aware that their friends and family are awesome, and they went out of their way on their wedding day to serve the folks they love the most. The party was about their marriage, but it was also a true celebration with their friends and family. It didn't matter that the dress didn't show up til wedding day (I suppose it would have mattered if it never showed!) - because Garrett and Haley put a lot more stock in their marriage than just the wedding. And that was what made the wedding so beautiful.

I'm so happy to have been able to have played such a small role in your big story. I'm honored to have you all as friends, and I am terribly excited for all the wonderful things to come! Congratulations.

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