Do not buy the fabric of the negativity laid out as rules of mindless decorum. Rebel and Defy, Become revolutionary from the apex of your philosophical conciseness to the depths of your elemental soul. Go, Fly free in the face of the lie that you are only a small human. Dare to be grandly,magnificently human.
-Tim Waters

Always stay in your own movie....

"Welcome to a place filled with endless possibilities– welcome to Art Outside. I say “endless possibilities” because of the immense amount of creativity and inspiration I felt and witnessed this October weekend. The seventh annual music and arts festival that was hosted by Art Seen Alliance took place on October 18th-21st 2013 at Apache Pass, TX – about an hour drive outside of the nation’s music capitol –Austin, Texas. Alongside music and art, other features included: onstage performances, yoga, workshops, and camping, which brought light to this collaborative effort of like-minded individuals." - Sofia Raisanen
(for Sofia's full write up go to.. )

All rights to the song "Someone" belongs to Thriftworks. I do not own the rights to this song.

Filmed by- Chris Bohlin
Additional camera- Jared Buchsbaum

Edited by- Chris Bohlin

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