Amidst the hustle that makes up Hong Kong, this city, and many like it are at the verge of losing the very artistry and creativity that makes it great. E.V.E.N.T.’s goal is to showcase both international and local artists through all available forms of media, in an attempt to salvage and revitalize all genres of existing and budding talent, and bring this to the masses.

Working hard behind the scenes, making a positive difference and bringing change to our city. EVENT strives to show the faces of those in every creative medium. Film-making, theater, music, arts, dance, events and fashion, all brought together with one common goal. Exposure.

You make it happen.

Concept by: E.V.E.N.T. (

Directed by: Roger A. De Leon

Produced by: Kate Sullivan

Director of Photography: Derrick Fong

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