A series of proposed objects designed as a form of clothing that protect thoughts and actions from future neuro-imaging surveillance systems. A collaboration with Lisa Kori Chung, made at Fabrica.

Rather than simply blocking access to the brain, which would require unsubtle and complex equipment, each piece proposes a method of momentary cognitive diversion. When a scan is detected, the accessories provoke a sensory reaction that will demand the wearer’s attention, changing their current brain activity patterns and affording a moment of privacy through camouflage. The objects include a hat that transmits sound pulses through bone conduction, a collar that gives a gentle electric shock on the skin and a mask that distracts the user with flashing lights.

The three prototypes, crafted out of laser-cut felt and wood, were featured in Futures10, an exhibition organized within the Wearable Futures festival (Ravensbourne, London, UK), two days of talks, debates and discussions about the future of wearables, from smart material to new technologies.


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