The Cleanest and Healthiest Pitcher.
Fills 2x as fast. Lasts 2x longer. Incomparably cleaner.
Health enhancing - alkaline and ionized. Affordable.

Cleaner Filtration

How does UltraWater filtration compare with leading pitchers that use basic old-style carbon filters? There is no comparison.

UltraWater changes oxidizing, chemical-laden tap water into the cleanest, mineral-rich alkaline water. We have independent, EPA certified laboratory testing to prove it. Our testing confirms that up to 99.9% of pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, and other chemicals are removed from your tap water. Now you and your family can have the cleanest, healthiest and best tasting water free from dangerous chemicals. All in an affordable pitcher.

Health Enhancing Properties

UltraWater has up to 1000 times more acid neutralizing power than tap or bottled water, and more antioxidant potential than any food, juice or pill. Plus, it's a delicious way to stay hydrated and pH balanced. You do not get these benefits with other pitchers. With UltraWater you get both the cleanest and healthiest water available in a pitcher. Period. Why drink anything less?

Faster and More Efficient Filtration

Filters your water 2x faster and 2x longer!

You get UltraWater protection AND you get it twice as fast as other leading pitcher brands! Other pitchers take over seven minutes to filter a liter of water. The UltraWater pHD Pitcher gives you one liter of clean and healthy water in just over three minutes (7 minutes for other pitchers). The UltraWater filter also lasts twice as long as other pitcher and gravity filters.

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