Cut & Sew Festival (2013)
Amsterdam, NL

"II AWEARNESS is a Performance Art and musical duo composed of Poet AF Black and Melanin Kris formerly known as Kitchell Samuel. Together we stand as independent inter-galactic inter-generational homeboys from outer space joining artistic forces to achieve our mission of empowering the hue-man ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events and objects without standing under the prescribed conditions of thoughts and behavior. Based in Amsterdam, II AWEARNESS travels the world performing our majestically intense theatrical concerts in traditional and non-traditional spaces as a means to introduce our high art philosophy, cultural aesthetic and musical genre we professed to be BL@CK F-ANKH. We are NOT here to waste your time!" - Poet AF Black

Here’s an excerpt from our first Autumn performance

Kitchell “Melanin Kris” Samuel
Architect The Future

Poet AF Black
AnkhFyre.IX| Black Future


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