2013 Advance PIctures

Meer, a video on life’s longings.
The introductory lines call for a focused mind, internalisation and, for silence. The camera is fixed and shows a woman from the back gazing through a window, a picture that may recall the romantic Sehnsucht motif in painting (e.g. C. D. Friedrich or later, Dali’s version of ‘Woman at the window’). Inner and outer space are clearly distinguished by colour and light. In the video, there are two adjacent rooms opposing the vast, turbulent nature. Windows and glass door are closed; the woman slides the first window open, crawls into the next room. The inner self is revealed in a double. Next, she stands by the other window looking outside, then pushes the door to walk into the open air. She aligns her body with the wide horizon of the sea; the camera follows her view through the bars of the railing that still separates her from the immense ocean.As the sound reaches a crescendo, the powerful roaring of the sea, the woman embraces the uncontrollable force of nature.

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